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Artisan dairy & food

By culturing cream we produce butter, buttermilk and cultured cream. Read more about our products here.

“The Butter Vikings are the only producers I know of who are breaking new ground and pushing the limits of flavor in the age-old practice of butter making. With their ingenious use of bacterial cultures and creative R&D, Patrik and Maria are inventing delicious butter experiences that have never existed before.”  

Elaine Khosrova, author of “Butter, a Rich History” (Algonquin Books, 2016)

Isle of Wight

Our dairy is located on the beautiful Isle of Wight. Here we source the amazing cream.


Why the name Buttervikings?

It was actually the Vikings who taught the french how to make butter!

Let’s talk butter!
Call us at +44 77361 660 11

Our churn

We love our churn!

A slow moving horizontal churn that delicately churns the cultured cream into butter. No moving parts inside the churn that whisks the cream. We do not like to use the W-word! We churn! We do not whisk!

We create values


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