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Finger food

Finger food

Sometimes you want to eat food with your hands and lick your fingers because it’s so good!

There are also some other reasons:

Our finger food


Finger food no 1. Meat glaze, popped quinoa, pickled red onion and cress.


Finger food no 2. Butter and crumbs.


no3 soup

Fingerfood 3. Soup service. Onion, fermented 12 months old brew of yellow peas, barley and red wine, thyme, cress and cultured cream.


Fingerfood 4. Quick bite. Smoked hazelnut oil, salt and toasted fennelseed.



Fingerfood no 5. Main course. Mayo on fermented yellow peas and barley. And some delicious stuff. Chia seeds so as not to go hungry!


Fingerfood no 6. Dessert. Our cultured cream with gorse flowers, blueberry and lingonberry dust.

Fingerlicking good!

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