About Us

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Our Approach


      Sustainable development alongside high quality

It´s really all about the best natural ingredients, taste and artisan craftsmanship.

Cravings of Butter is something that comes from deep within you

– Oden 

The Values


Golden moment


Butter Table restaurant service with the ultimate golden moment when the butter melts on your tongue it´s then when you understand what it is about, the ultimate butter moment that greets you from the inside and out.


Lactic acid bacteria

Live It

L Cremoris

L Diacetylactis

L xxxxx


You have access to

  • A Luxury Selection of artisan food product
  • Best quality
  • Your indirectly environmental responsibility.
  • Information about Butterviking product. If you want we can come for a visit and educate you in Buttervikings product. We also have some future nice events.


Believe It


We can come and inform you about the specific products you order. We also have nice ideas how you and your company can use Buttervikings products to bring up the optimal taste.

Our Story


The beginning

It began long ago with the Vikings valuable knowledge about refining cream into butter. The viking Rollo took the boat to France.

To calm him down the french gave him a piece of land that we now call  Normandie. Rollo was pleased and in return taught the french how to make butter. This is our story about butter from Buttervikings.